:: Who is a Transhumanist ?

An alchemist looks for the secret to everlasting life; a Transhumanist first analyzes the consequences of and the reason behind the search for immortality. Life extension cannot be an end; human life is empty without our actions to give it meaning.

A politician argues for liberty and freedom; a Transhumanist asks for the flaws of modern democracy. What good is the vote when the majority chooses the wrong path? Are we servants to an abstract concept, the illusion of a few idealists, rather than having it assisting us, a vehicle for a better society?

A philosopher talks about what past philosophers wrote; a Transhumanist asks for what past philosophers did. Have the wise men contributed to society in a truly meaningful way? Have they walked in the shoes of those they have criticized? Have they lived as they had preached?

A missionary preaches of paradise for believers; a Transhumanist does not preach at all. If a benevolent God is indeed out there, then let Him judge us not by the number of prayers we made, but by the righteous actions we have performed not in some self-serving effort to please Him, but as a result of what we believe to be right.

A dreamer is one who has a fantastic skin, but an empty heart; a Transhumanist has but one thing: himself. Let the Transhumanist be one who takes responsibility for his actions; let him accept sound criticism without complaint. Let the Transhumanist speak in plain words, so that flowery language does not hide his true intentions; let him act as himself, always faithful to the highest standards.

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