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Riddle on the Future

Jesus Riddle Morales, that is!

Future Comics

Jesus (hay zoos') Riddle Morales is an underground comic illustrator, Internet author, evolutionary activist, and graffiti artist.

You wanted imagination, speculation, and the very unlikely? Look no more. Welcome to the Future According to Jesus Riddle Morales!

The picture to the right is one of his future advertisments, speculation on the commercial application of the coming technologies.

Jesus' science artwork can be seen at cryptozoology.com and graffiti murals at art crimes under the moniker Riddle.

The links below will take you to a departure from our normal fare. Comic strips, future scanarios of landscapes, animals, and people all from the unique perspective of an underground comic and illustrator. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Speculative Articles

A wide range of items for fun and speculation...


New comic series exploring future humans, nature, and...?

Future Comics Future Comics
Clockwork Orange

Death by Design

Strange Lands

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