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After the Flesh (Intro)

Extinction Scenario #1

This harrowing tale is a depiction of what could happen in the very near future or possibly even now. Based on information regarding biological and chemical weaponization, this grisly fable proposes a dangerous circumstance where an accidentally weaponized version of flesh-eating bacteria is released and posseses a great threat, not only to mankind, but nearly everything alive! Cleverly structured over a similar plot line to 1952s Wages of Fear, and 1979s the Sorcerer, this extinction fable rips through the skeptics imagination with entertaining originality and gripping suspense.

(The Ghoulish Inspiration)

Coming from Chicago and raised in the ghettos there for nearly my entire life, I have seen an assortment of violence and greed. Although gang violence and drug addiction are the staple in that environment, I have also witnessed firsthand the strange and sometimes unbelievable ailments that have ravaged the city. If you research Chicagos health status, youll see that it is the leading city concerning outbreaks of two very odd plagues. The first is the West Nile Virus the second is Flesh-eating bacteria. When thinking about these scourges, one might think these exotic ailments to be restricted to 3rd world regions. However, Chicago has had the highest urban affliction of these diseases and sadly more victims than any other place in the world! This is a very odd statistic, because these sad numbers take place in the nations 3rd largest city and one that is heralded for its medical safety plans. Nevertheless, this year (2005) in Chicago, West Nile Virus has struck over 213 victims, while killing 52 of them outright. More disturbing is the outbreak of flesh-eating bacteria, which was reported to have appeared in seventeen victims in the city, but rumored to be more prevalent in deeper parts of the inner city. Cook County hospital has even been subject to investigation regarding the outbreak of flesh-eating bacteria, and just days ago, a confirmed outbreak occurred in a retirement home, where the poor victim, an elderly woman, has been found with a large part of her body infected. I only pray that God help her.

The odd thing about the flesh-eating bacteria plague is that it produces a grim fascination, which sets the imagination in an uproar. There is no cure for the flesh-eating bacteria infection the only way to rid oneself of the dreaded condition is to literally cut off the infected areas. Whats more disturbing are rumors reported on TV that some corporations had envisioned the creation of a domestic strain of the flesh-eating bacteria in an effort to aid the sanitation department in ridding the vast garbage stockpiles of organic waste.

This bizarre proposition promises to have the domestic strain literally eat through the organic waste and leave the valuable recyclable portions to the state. According to sanitation executives, this process could save billions of dollars if accepted throughout the nation. Currently, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has openly rebuked such notions as being irresponsible to public safety. Knowing full well that the flesh-eating bacteria of today can eat away more than an inch of flesh per hour, the prospect of using the plague in any manner would be considered outright medical heresy! Concluding this factual basis for the forth coming story After the Flesh, it is wise to point out that some experts from the CDC have mentioned that the flesh-eating bacteria plague could very well be a true weapon of mass destruction if it ever acted as a real epidemic.

Furthermore, Im also proposing that such outbreaks of flesh-eating bacteria may have evolved in earlier times of the earths long history. Understanding that the world was once ruled by bacteria and dangerous microbes millions and even billions of years ago, Im not set against the thought that these types of outbreaks may have even decimated entire populations of prehistoric species, including the dinosaurs. After all, during the great Permian extinction, tests show an abnormally high rate of decomposing-related carbon; ridiculously high levels even for mass loss of life. Oddly, flesh-eating bacteria does indeed cause a high and fast rate of decomposing related carbon as well. Could it be possible that microbes of this type are responsible for some of the worlds great extinctions? Who knows? As for now, I suggest you relax and read the following tale of terror and consider the possibility of our own extinction.

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