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Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award

24 Jul 2023

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award What interesting times we live in… the research or general interest that is focused on a variety of domains, is both fascinating as it is daunting, as no one can predict where it will lead us. But one thing is sure, whatever that will be, I’m sure we’ll find it on your site.
The thoroughness in topics and the crystal clear navigational structure makes it an experience not easily forgotten. Rest assure, I’ll be visiting your site many times more to come, as I would advise all to do so. Marvelous job !
"Tony Duthoo"

* The Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award is rated level 5.0+ Elite by Award Sites and is a world's top award by Website Awards.

Timelines Future Award

26 Jul 2023

Timelines Future Award The website "Future Human Evolution" is my favorite site with this scientific and future theme. I can never stop to read, because all the articles are extremely interesting and stylistically impeccable. The authors strive not to write in the conventional scientific jargon but true to life and generally intelligible.
An excellent navigation leads all pages and topics. I like in particular: there are no allegations, but always left all options open. Webmaster of this extraordinary website is not a wise old man but a young man in the twenties. Encountering such people gives us hope at least for the further future, that the responsibility for the life on this planet Earth become increasingly aware.
"Friedrich & Jenny"

* The Timeline Future Award is rated level 5 by United Web Site Award Givers ( UWSAG ) and level 4.5 by Award Sites.

Award of Paradise

26 Jul 2023

Award of Paradise Congratulations ! First let me say thank you for allowing be the privilege to evaluate your site *Future Human Evolution* for this award, it's not easy to win. Your site has qualified for the Award of Paradise in Silver. Your site is very well done, easy to navigate and a great addition to the world wide web.
I can see you have spent a lot of time perfecting your site. It is a very interesting scientific and speculative website about the future of human evolution regarding to genetic engineering, transhumanism, life extension and human enhancement. I really enjoyed my visit on your website and keep up the good work. Once again, Congratulations !
"Franz Boigner"

* The Award of Paradise is rated level 8,5 by Belgica Excellence Index and level 6 by Diskus Award Index.

Pelaqita Persians Award

30 Jul 2023

Pelaqita Persians Award This site has a wide ranged, sometimes mind -boggling topics, which are researched and presented well, from Artificial Intelligence to Nanotechnology, Genetics, Space and many more.
The Future of Human Evolution is a great site and is well designed with clear, concise, layout, easy navigation which is important with so many topics. Thank you for inviting me to evaluate this wonderful, innovative site.
"Susan MacArthur"

* The Pelaqita Persians Award is rated level 4 by United Web Site Award Givers ( UWSAG ) and level 4 by Award Sites.

Game Puppet Award

31 Jul 2023 Game Puppet Award

 I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much and I am happy to give you my award. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work.
The website has a fluid layout and easy to navigate. It was a pleasure to review your site as it makes an excellent contribution to the web.

* The Game Puppet Award is rated level 3.5 by Award Sites and is an Ethics and NovaSite winner.

Phönix Award

1 Aug 2023

Phönix Award Your site *Future Human Evolution* is very informative, original and well designed and easily navigated. It it's been a pleasure visiting your site and thank you for making such a positive contribution to the internet.
A site that has a wide range of topics that are researched and presented well ! From Artificial Intelligence to Nanotechnology, Genetics, Space and so much more. In a nutshell it is about the Future of Human Evolution, hence the name of the site. The site is well designed with a clear, concise, layout, easy navigation which is important with so many topics. Well done !
"Franz Boigner"

* The Phönix Award is rated level 8,5 by Belgica Excellence Index and level 4 by Diskus Award Index.

CLL Website Award

17 Aug 2023

CLL Website Award Congratulations ! I'm pleased by announcing, that your site "Future Human Evolution" is a Silver Award winner of my "CLL Website Awards". Also, thank you very much for inviting me to evaluate your excellent site with so interesting and extensive content of the future of human evolution !
Your site shows, that you have been commendable careful and accurate, when creating your graphics and enjoyable design.
Navigation is functional, relevant and exhaustive, with a site map. Pages are proper-sized with high consistency. Backgrounds, fonts and graphics are well selected lending support to a harmonious whole. In its entirety your site is very pleasant to visit.
"Juhani Kerkkonen"

* CLL Website Award is rated level 8 by Belgica Excellence Index, level 4 by WebAwards and is a NovaSite winner.


27 Aug 2023

Moon Award To review this outstanding website »FUTURE HUMAN EVOLUTION« is a jump into the future, a comfortable journey with an easy and excellent navigation as »signpost«. But you will drift deeper and deeper into the »black hole« of this website and almost can't stop.
An evaluator of the MOON AWARD Program was caught up in the FHE and he said: »I spent more time reading the articles than I did evaluating the site. This is one fantastic site. The future of the human race is important to each of us. This site looks into many aspects of humanity that could affect all of us. There is something on this site for everyone.«
You have done a magnificent job and for this reason we proudly present you for your website our highest award, the MOON AWARD of EXCELLENCE with an Edelweiss.
"Jenny & George"

* MOON AWARD is rated level 9 by Belgica Excellence Index and level 4 by WebAwards and AwardSites.

Time Keeper Award

Time Keeper Award 31 Aug 2023

Your site shows a high standard of quality which all site designers should strive to achieve.
You have taken the time to make your site of interest to all, with an eye to detail and with an imaginative mind. Your site surpasses our criteria in excellence.
"Sandra Gerbers"

* Time Keeper Award is rated UWSAG 6.0 -- AS! 4.5 -- WA 5.0 -- F.R.I. 5.0 -- Belgica 9.0 -- AWARD 5.0 TOTW -- I.W.A.R.A. Certified Evaluator.

Casey's Celtic Charm Award

2 Sep 2023 Casey's Celtic Charm Award

We have now completed our review of your site submission. We are very pleased to present your site with the Casey's Celtic Charm Gold Award, which also qualifies as a WTA at Website Awards.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your work. Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. You are most deserving of many accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all.

* Casey's Celtic Charm Award is rated level 5 by AwardSites and is a world top award.

Michael Starz Award

3 Nov 2022

Michael Starz Award An interesting site with much information - for sure an important resource in the web for all interested visitors. There is so much information about AI, Genetics, Nano, Space, Time, Future, Visual, xHuman, Nature, Origins, Politics and Risks (even Comics are not forgotten) that one will need hours and hours to detect everything. Design, quality, content and function are o.k. - well done!
Keep on with your good work and enjoy the award !

Connys-Welt Award

Connys-Welt Award 4 Dec 2022

Thanks for your application. I am very happy to grant my Silver Award to you.
Your website is well designed, your navigation is perfect and the topics are very interesting.
Thank you for creating such a webpearl, Kind regards.


Internet Beacon Award

1 Jan 2023

Internet Beacon Award Your web site Future Human Evolution has qualified for the Internet Beacon Gold Award.
You deal with some very challenging subjects here, some which many would no doubt prefer to avoid. As for me, I found your material to be fascinating, thought-provoking, perhaps even a bit disturbing. It certainly will start some conversations--and I think that's what you intended.
Congratulations on creating a true Internet Beacon.
"Vance Elderkin"


22 Jan 2023 ALCAZAREN Award

Your website has won the Alcazaren Bonze Award. The content, design and navigation of the Future Human Evolution page has been evaluated with very high scoring. The extensive speculation you make about our future is very informative and it is also very well organized.
Again, congratulations, the award is well deserved. It is also the first Egyptian website that has won the Alcazaren Award.
"Luis Vadillo"

* ALCAZAREN Award is a World's Top Award and is rated Award Sites!5.0, UWSAG 5, IWARA Elite 5, WebsAwards 4

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