The Future of Human Evolution Website

Predicting the future is by no means an easy task, it requires considerable erudition, creativity, imagination and knowledge.

Our website provides a vast database of articles and ideas which examine the future of humanity and how science, technology and evolution may shape our common future.

The main sections of the website are all listed below, choose whatever you like to start with.

Artificial Intelligence

Articles about artificial intelligence, the singularity, consciousness and human enablement, replacement and transformation..

Genetic Engineering

Articles about genetic engineering, disease elimination, human cloning, engineering ethics, life extension and human improvement.


Intro to nanotechnology, its history and possible uses. Application of nanomedicine and nanoscales in the science field..

Future Visions

Ideas ,visions and speculations about the future of human evolution, extropy, futuring methods and possible future technologies..


What is transhumanism, who are the transhumanists, how to improve and enhance humans, creative post humanism art..

Human Nature

Understanding human nature, abilities and the evolutionary psychology. Articles about brain development and modern biology..

Evolution and Origins

Human evolution and origins, the fossil record, human ancestors, evolutionary processes, panspermia, religions and other theories..

Risks to Humanity

Possible future risks, natural and human triggered disasters, willful self destruction and the greater forces against us..

Space Colonization

Articles about space colonization, near earth exploration, cosmology, NASA news, habitable planets and black holes..

Time Travel

Understanding the characters in time, perceptions of time, atomic clocks, cosmological science, the big bang and the evolution timeline..

Political Philosophy

Politics in the past, present, and the future, the ultimate democracy, the evolutionary origin of freedom..

Comic Art

Comic art of the future, scenarios of strange landscapes, animals, people, extinction and death by design..