Human Evolution, History and Origins

Human Evolution

Welcome to our History and Origins central page. From here you can access the information we are assimilating about the origins of life and the evolutionary process. To provide some context to the discussion of where we might go (evolutionarily speaking), it may help to understand the different theories about from where we came. There are several different beliefs on this topic, many firmly and fervently held. We try to present the core ideas behind each without advocating any particular theory.

Go   Evilution vs. Cretinism

Understanding the role and concepts of Micro-Evolution and Macro-Evolution against the backdrop of the creationist controversy and in relation to the mission of the site might be of interest to some visitors.

Go   The Evolutionary Process

Here is an overview of the evolutionary process that we found to be very interesting and insightful. It outlines the forces and mechanics involved in gene selection as nature operates, and provides an interesting springboard for speculation.

Go   Our Evolutionary History

Fossil records provide the only hard evidence of our evolutionary history. Here the fossil finds are described in chronological order.

Go   Panspermia

The theory of Panspermia suggests life originated extraterrestrially.

Go   Intelligent Design

The theory of Intelligent Design proposes that the universe was created by an intelligence and then evolved according to design.

Go   Creationism from the Islamic Perspective

Here is a reader-submitted article on creationism from the Islamic perspective that also examines and challenges some of the foundations of the theory of evolution. Presented in the spirit of controversy.

Go   Creationism from the Christian Perspective

An article discussing the various schools of thought with regard to the Christian beliefs on creationism.

Go   Our History's Relevance to Our Future

Here's a brief discussion of how one's particular view of our history or origins may affect or constrain the range of possibilities considered for our evolutionary future. We present an outline at this time and would like to hear from you on this subject.