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The Search For A Mutant Agent

The theory of a mysterious mutant agent might seem ripped right out from a comic book, but it does have a significant amount of credibility to address it as a possible forum to explain the action of mutation itself. The idea behind this theory is the fact that I believe that there may actually be an element or combination of organic compounds responsible for the actual act of mutation.

In other words, I think that there must be a pinpoint spectrum of organic material that acts as a code that induces physical change to all things alive. If so, every living thing has this agent that provides the necessary elemental properties in biology to mutates as well as actually induce the mutation process itself. This agent is the sole proprietor in making certain everything alive is slightly changed as generations reproduce, thus it has become the main culprit as an antidote to identical replication.

Without an agent such as this, the world would go on to produce clones in the form of exact replicates of the parent being. The earth does have some beings that use the act of clone replication to reproduce. These are actually from various animals. Some lizards like the six-line racerunner are actually clones and reproduce by giving birth to clones. There are also some invertebrates as well that uses this method of reproduction. However, the animal kingdom at large uses a more common form of reproduction, the one humans actuality practice.

The reason for this is that the clone style of reproduction has one particularly large weakness. This is the fact that once one clone has fell victim to a disease, all the other clones share the same fate. This is because they all share the same genetic type of structure. This circumstance makes the entire species susceptible, since the body is exactly the same as the infected victim.

However, having two different parents gives the offspring the trait of a new genetic structure, one that is not the exact same as the parent or any of its brethren. In fact, there is a certain aspect of individuality that keeps the denizens of our planet a little bit more different as a species evolves. This mutation phenomenon is the bottom line to evolution.

The funny thing about the study of evolution is the lack of work done on the actual motive or process of change and mutation itself. It is truly odd that the majority of scientists and paleontologists study the pattern of evolution displayed by fossil evidence, but are reluctant to deal with the actual agent of change itself! The only scientists that are currently working to understand the natural phenomenon of mutation are microbiologists and they have made great discoveries concerning the concept of evolution. In fact, they have actually witnessed evolution take place as microbes strive to become more resistant to certain anti-biotic and have done so effectively!

Besides my theory of a mutant agent, there is no other theory that would explain the very act of change. In simple terms, there must be an agent that is responsible for lifes ability to mutate and evolve. If not there would be no evolution! In a bizarre a sense, scientists have simply accepted the fact that life forms change, but have no interest in finding out how these changes were made possible. Its as if they were satisfied with the current picture they see, but care not about how the picture was taken, only that picture exist!

Needless to say, this is a strange approach to science, but one only realizes this when looking back in retrospect. In defense of evolutionary scientists, I will say that there are certainly many discoveries that build excitement and often distract the majority from concentrating on mutation. Besides this, funds are more likely given to those able to produce a nifty find for the public rather than devout finances to less poplar studies.

However, the study of the exact act, or the circumstances of biological elements, or the discovery of a mutation-inducing agent, would be of monumental value to science and humankind as a whole. This would lead to the understanding of what exactly promotes evolution by comprehending the aspects of change itself. This knowledge could lead to controlling that change, and thus be of extreme medical value not only for humans, but all life forms! Imagine being able to evolve to a certain state where diseases would be faulty, or evolve to a state where mankind could escalate various portions of their being!

Controlling the machine that is responsible for mutation or at least the circumstances that induce it could have very beneficial effects for life on earth. Knowing what makes you different form every other human on the planet is the beginning of understand what mutation can do for lifes endless struggle for perfect adaptation.

Natural selection and the rise of dominant individualizes within a species can reflect some traits of this value, but mindless experimentation by nature may not exist. The significant act of reflex and reaction has much to do with what animal and plant species survive and which one doesnt Darwin often presented a vision where inferior animals less adapted for the environment they lived in became extinct.

However, this idea may be faulty in the since that life has a natural will of its own! I am not saying that life forms willed themselves to adapt. I am stating that life in general, and all its residents have some type of reflex action as well as an expected reaction. This means that this reflex action will become active when in distress due to environmental pressures that threaten the species. This is also a rule I connect with any thing living. Some species react with a positive answer to the threat, while others do not. This type of indecision is what makes a being either adaptable or unacceptable.

Mind you, when I talk of reflex and decision, I am not talking about logical reasoning, but primal instinct (which in my opinion is a type of intelligence) and ability to respond to their reflexes by producing survival tactics no matter how primal they may be. Whether the being, be an amoebae or a gazelle, the condition of life has always provided a reflex action that requires little or no reasoning to aid in survival.

As life evolved, it installed various fail-safe systems to aid in the survival of every species ever to exist. This system is different in many life forms. But still maintains some surprisingly static attributes. It is also to be kept in mind that world had gone through various times and that some of these times where tougher on life forms than others.

This idea of rough ages seems to defy scientific presentation at times and some people will stubbornly state that life has always been tough for certain beings. However, life has at certain times, been pushed to the brink as the earth revealed its cosmic powers through natural devastation. One must remember, that the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural catastrophes were mere child splay to some the incidents the earth has unleashed in ages past!

In concluding this commentary, I ask you to consider the vice that promotes change and whether or not this change can ultimately survive the constant onslaught of environmental changes throughout time. How well adapted is the art of adaptation anyway? Will there be a day when life can no longer adapt to our environment? Or will we one-day rule over the act of adaptation itself? For now the response is simpleonly time will tell!

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