East and West Philosophies of Transhumanism

 Ancient Lessons for Modern Futurists

This section contains selections from well known and deeply impacting writers from both Ancient China, representative of an Eastern philosophical tradition, as well as works by famous Western thinkers, such as Aristotle, Plato, and Thomas Aquinas, among others. In addition to their basic contents, introductions and commentary had been included to clarify points, making this a very valuable and informative resource for all curious readers.

The importance of these documents not only attests to the range of topics that they cover. They represent the attempts by the best movers and shakers of human history to address timeless topics such as war, law, religion, economics, philosophy, and other social issues. Furthermore, the futurist can compare the arguments of our predecessors with the implementation of the same policies today, tomorrow, and well into the future. The questions of waging a moral war extrapolates into the necessities of warfare, the waging of war in the future, and whether ancient guidelines are still relevant even millennia later. Questions concerning the application of law can extend into the best forms of governance. What is the purpose of law? Is democracy really the best way of government, as is popularly touted today? Can modern political ideals survive a future of fast-paced technological and sociological change?

Those are only a few of the many questions that will be asked. The visitor is encouraged to reserve some time to exclusively concentrate on one writing; even if the meaning is clear, the lessons will take time to digest.

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