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Writing articles for money is indeed a good and easy way to get started making online income. There are many ways for you to use your writing skill online, you can freelance writing articles for others and get paid for that, or you can start a blog and monetize it, or you can write e-books and sell them online.

1) Freelance writing involves writing articles for people who need content for their website, or need their products to be reviewed. You can usually get paid from $5 to $10 per article depending on length of the article, the quality of it and your writing skill. The best 2 websites which help you earn money for writing articles and reviews are "Review Me" and "Sponsored Reviews"

2) Starting a blog and monetizing it is an effective way to earn an online income, but it depends very much on your knowledge and your interest in what you are blogging about. You also need to know that not all niches are profitable online, so before you start blogging about something you should make a little search to know how demanded is your niche.

3) Writing e-books can be a very profitable way to make money online as well. Basically you will have to write articles and provide knowledge that people are willing to pay for. After that you will need to promote the e-book yourself or have affiliates promote it for you for a certain commission.

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