•  Earn online with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means earning commissions from companies or business owners by referring people to their products or services. This means every time someone order a product as a result of your referral, you will earn a commission from the product owner.

 In affiliate marketing all you have to do is to encourage people to use these products or services either by writing reviews about them in forums or by directly inviting people to use them on social networks like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

A better way to refer people is to use your own website or blog if you have any, in this case you will have to be picky about the kind of products you are trying to promote because they better be related to the niche of your website.

So where to find these affiliate programs ?

 An easy way to find good affiliate programs that you might like to promote is to join affiliate networks like "ClickBank". Once you join these affiliate networks you will find a huge number of merchants offering commissions for people who can refer others to buy their products or services, you can also sell your own products there like eBooks and DVDs

All you have to do by then is browse through these merchants and pick the products that you can promote, you will get an affiliate link that can be traced back to you when someone use your link to buy the product you were promoting.

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