•  Earn online by selling domain names

One of the smart ways of earning an online income is reselling domain names, it is not an easy thing though because first you have to find good available domains and second you have to promote these domain names in market places.

An available domain name would cost you not more than 10 dollars in almost all registrars, and after you buy it you can resell it for a much higher price depending on the quality of the domain name. A domain name with one or two meaningful keywords is more expensive than a domain with some random litters or numbers, also domains which end with .com .net or .org are more expensive than others like .info or .me .

One of the best market places for reselling domains is "Moniker". All you have to do is to join these market places, buy some good domains and list them for sale. They also offer you featuring packages to highlight your domain names or make them show on top of other domains listed for sale, remember... you will not be alone there !

For example, the domain name "Diamond.com" was sold for 7 millions, "Casino.com" was sold for 5 millions and "shop.com" was sold for 3 million dollars. But as you can see these are very high quality domain names, they are a .com easy remembered one word domains. The point is selling one good domain name might make you rich over one night, you just need some effort to find those good available domains, and some money to buy them, then some time to get lucky and get them sold.

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