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E-books are a huge industry online nowadays and selling them is such a great way for making money from the internet, especially if you have good writing skills and can express your knowledge and thoughts in words.

You don't really have to create a lot of pages to make an eBook, you can just write few good articles and then use any PDF program to create an eBook with these articles.

After that you will of course want to sell the eBook you have written, so you will need to promote it online on specialized networks like "ClickBank", which allow you to expose your eBook to a huge number of interested people who might buy your eBook.

Writing isn't really that hard even if you are not skilled, you can begin by writing small articles and ask others how good they are. It is just a matter of time before you start getting better and it will get easier and easier to write down and organize your thoughts.

Finally, you have to be rational when choosing a price for your eBooks, because choosing a high price is only going to push people away. The usual online price for an eBook ranges from $5 to $100, it depends on many factors like the size, the quality and the value of the information in the eBook.

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