Artificial Intelligence

Human Replacement

The theory of replacement creates the most controversy. It contends that AI's will eventually surpass our capabilities and that we will in effect lose the capacity to control them for our purposes. So the question arises, do AI systems know of their existence? As systems advance, they will develop their own sense of self and unique wants and needs that do not necessarily coincide with our own. The Terminator series is founded on this presumption carried to an extreme measure. Would AI want to exterminate us? There are futurists that see the science-fiction conception view of machines with artificial intelligence as the future successors of human beings. This evolutionary theory predicts intelligent machines evolve to a stage in which they will surpass man in all his abilities. Once that threshhold occurs, the machines will see no benefit from the human race and will cause the disappearance of all humans.

More and more people come in contact with machines that are able to do operations that were previously only associated with human intellect. This increase in the number of "intelligent" machines and the extension of their abilities have caused increased concern and fear that eventually machines can take over at the top of the food chain. Visions of the "Terminator" movies where machines are actively seeking out and eliminating the human race make us wonder if we need to keep in check the reasoning power of inanimate objects.

Peter Molik in his essay "Artificial Intelligence as an Evolutionary Stage of Human Mind" raises the following questions that future generations should delve into as machines take on more human thinking capabilities:

What are the limits of intellectual faculties of machines with artificial intelligence?
Can intelligent machines possess all features of human mind?
Can intelligent machines gain decisive superiority to man in these features?
Can intelligent machines get out of human control?
Would man allow it?

In recent news there are robots teaching science, battling fires and, not too long ago, walking on Mars. NASA is currently working on a robot that will be able to go into situations deemed too dangerous for humans.

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