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:: Future Human Evolution Reviews

Welcome to our Reviews department. Here we feature reviews of books, movies, and articles relating to the future of human evolution.

  :: Future Human Evolution: 21st Century Eugenics, John Glad

Professor Glad provides a comprehensive, scientific look at the history, theory, and application of Eugenics, and blends a scholarly perspective on its societal and future implications to create a compelling look at a controversial topic.

  :: Our Post Human Future, Francis Fukuyama

Fukuyama is deeply concerned about the erosion of the foundations of liberal democracy under pressure from new concepts of humans and human rights in the coming age of biotechnology.

  :: Redesigning Humans - Our Inevitable Genetic Future by Gregory Stock

An answer to Fukuyama's concerned approach to germline engineering, Stock extols the virtues of genetic engineering.

  :: The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Green

Brian Green, acclaimed author of "The Elegant Universe" explains 20th century physics in a clear, literate style nonscientists can enjoy.


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