What Is a Good Way to Start a Research Report: Ideas & Tips

The introduction section of research is a very important aspect of any research. This is because it could either attract the reader to the research or make them disinterested. A good introduction hints at what is expected in the research paper. You are saying a little, and at the same time, you are saying a little.

How to introduce the topic

The first paragraph of a research paper usually introduces the topic, so you must know how to introduce the topic. This is where you have the definition of terms and give a general introduction to the topic. Your research paper introduction does not necessarily have to be flowery. It should be simple yet captivating.

One good way of starting your research paper is by using a hook. A hook is a type of statement that anchors and gives a clear perspective of the topic. A hook could be either argumentative or empirical. The essential attribute of a hook is clarity.

An argumentative hook will usually use a rhetorical question. On the other hand, an empirical hook is a statement of fact. Whichever you choose to use, ensure it is rightly done, and your reader can understand your topic.

How long should a research paper introduction be?

The introduction of a paper is not the paper itself. The length of the introduction does not determine how good the paper is. It would help if you did not take too much time introducing the paper when you still have many other aspects covered.

You can get a sample research paper introduction online from past journals and publications. The generally accepted length of an introduction is between 300 and 1000 words. You should note. However, different institutions have their guidelines.

Before doing your introduction, you should study past publications of your institution or the journal you wish to publish with. This will guide you in answering the question - how long should a research paper introduction be?

How to start your research paper

How you begin your research paper will depend on the type of research you are doing. Your institution’s specifications will also determine it. However, there are basic things that are expected in a research paper. These include:

  1. Introduction of the topic

The best way to start a research paper is to introduce your topic. This includes the definition of key terms in the topic. You can do this by using a hook statement as described above. Remember your topic introduction is essential to the feedback you get from your reader

  1. Giving a background

Every research paper has a background that is key to learning how to start your research paper. There are different ways to establish the background of a study. It all depends on the type of paper you are writing. For an argumentative paper, you will need to contextualize your research.

In other words, you must use the background to show and establish your argument. An empirical introduction will usually give an overview of what others have done and how your research fits into the literature.

  1. Stating the research problem

Every research has a research problem. There is always a gap you want to fill or a problem you want to solve. A gap is generated from existing literature. When writing argumentative research, the problem’s statement can be articulated. On the other hand, an empirical research problem has to be drawn from the literature that has been consulted.

  1. Stating your objectives

No research is done without an aim. When introducing your paper, you must always state the objectives of your paper. It would help if you told your reader what you hope to achieve with the research. Argumentative research will usually present the objectives as a thesis statement. On the other hand, empirical research will present the objective as questions. The research question can either be framed directly or indirectly.

Your research involves a hypothesis and should be stated alongside the research question. The research question should be kept from being discussed. All you need to do is to state them. That is usually done in the body of the research.

  1. Structuring your research

The final thing to do in the introduction of a research paper is to structure your research. Normally, a research paper has a structure it follows. There is usually an introduction, literature review, methodology, Discussion of findings, recommendations, and conclusion. The introductory part should usually comprise a summary of what is expected. If your research paper follows a different structure, it is important to clarify so that the reader will know what to expect in the paper.


Make sure you understand all the guidelines for writing the paper. Ensure you follow all the guidelines, keeping marks and getting your paper accepted. A well-designed introduction can turn off your reader from the research paper.