50 Impressive Human Rights Research Topics for Students

Looking for an impressive human rights research paper topic for students? Then this article is for you.

Writing on a topic that allows you to talk passionately about pressing issues and emerging trends is always a good way to educate people. Even if you are not affiliated with the human rights niche, you should be aware of what the world is discussing at any given time.

To write a proper paper on human rights, you need inspiration. It would help if you were inspired, and it will be able to affect others and motivate them to believe as you believe. This will open your mind about the topic and encourage others to preach the same message they have heard, albeit stronger. You will get all the possible angles to your story and set the stage for you to write a compelling and unique topic.

Human rights essay themes must always address some of the most pressing concerns with human rights, such as why certain nations treat them differently than others. Comparing and contrasting some civil freedoms with others is beneficial before making your stance.

Importance of writing a good human rights research paper

Human rights activists labor in various nations to guarantee that the people in charge or power do not abuse human rights. Activists take on many contentious human rights research issues and cases and advocate for their correct implementation. They might even help people fight for their rights in law courts and also give those who want human rights topics to write about some clues.

For students, scholars, and human rights professionals who embark on human rights and human rights violations essay research topics, this is almost akin to the struggle for human rights. As a result, writing human rights essays is always a boon to many people. It can aid the government and the individuals in your local and global communities. However, if they are to be of any use, they (human rights papers) must be well written.

50 Human rights topics to write about

Good human rights paper topics for these times

  1. What does environmental racism mean?
  2. How to fight racism effectively
  3. How the gig economy affects human rights issues
  4. Can workplace discrimination be abolished globally?
  5. How international human rights law affects the US
  6. How the African American female experience is unique
  7. How Australia impacted the United Nations Human Rights Council

Current human rights debate topics

  1. How is “Hidden Figures?” explore the human rights issue?
  2. What is the ombudsman, and how does it affect the human rights debate?
  3. Discussing which human rights were violated by Japan’s WWII invasion of China
  4. Highlighting the major racial reasons for human rights violations today
  5. A comparison of human rights and civil movements
  6. Is it proper to limit trade to certain countries where human rights are rife?
  7. How societal and cultural traditions affect the existence of human rights

Human rights law paper topics

  1. A comparison of the human rights model and the freedom model
  2. How company contracts that violate human rights impact a company’s reputation
  3. The difference in human rights in Europe and the US
  4. Countries with the worst freedom of press issues
  5. Is torture ever justifiable in situations that are focused on preventing civilian violence?
  6. Human rights violation in (a country of your choice) and how it affects the country’s image
  7. Human rights violation by the police: How to stop it

Realistic human rights topics for research paper

  1. How are LGBTQ rights different across Europe nation-states?
  2. Asian sweatshops: what can the international community do?
  3. Trade embargoes and restrictions: how companies can avoid doing business with countries having a high human rights record
  4. Human rights violation by the police: how to stop it
  5. Using the military to enforce human rights: yes or no?
  6. Should the United States eradicate the death penalty?
  7. How Islam sees human rights

Some international human rights research paper topics

  1. Can a common human right standard be established globally?
  2. Can the world standardize an equivalent level of human rights for all people?
  3. How the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” impacts continents
  4. How international trade affects human rights globally
  5. Terrorism and human rights
  6. Does democracy protect basic human rights?
  7. Is free education realistic?

Philosophy of human rights paper topics

  1. Animal cruelty and human rights
  2. A comparison of the rights of pets and human rights
  3. Slavery and serfdom: how it affects human rights
  4. Definitions and similarities between segregation and apartheid
  5. Should gender be a factor in leadership positions?
  6. Female oppression in Islam
  7. Should human rights be gender-based?
  8. Where did the ideal of human rights originate from?

Human rights topics about children

  1. Flaws in child morals in (any country of your choosing)
  2. How to deal with school bullies
  3. Should developing countries permit children to work to help their families?
  4. Infant circumcision: a violation of human rights?
  5. Should the legal drinking age be revised?
  6. Should human rights be tradition specific?
  7. Does male circumcision respect human rights?


In conclusion, you will be surprised at the many people unaware of their legal rights. This is where your writing comes in; it will help to educate a new generation. Ensure you select according to passion, and you will have an impact of a lifetime.