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::The World's Future Conferences and Lectures

We were fortunate enough to have access to a number of conferences this year. Tremendous showing from futurists of all types, and a wonderful exchange of ideas and information.

The complete list of sessions is as follows:

  Opening Plenary: The Hydrogen Economy; Jeremy Rifkin The Law of Accelerating Returns & the Coming Merger of Human & Machine; Ray Kurzweil
  The Future of People Politics in Global Society; Walter Truett Anderson, Harlan Cleveland, Ann Florini, James Rosenau
  Future of Terrorism; Marvin Cetron, Stephen Millett, Borik Zadeh
  New Leadership Skills for the Twenty- First Century; Joel Barker
  The Nature of Futurism: Two Views; Joseph Coates, Barbara Marx Hubbard
  Thats Enterbrainment!; Arnold Brown, Edie Weiner, Ian Pearson
  Approaching Peace through the Global Challenges: A Youth Perspective; Tom Murphy
  Collective Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Consciousness; Craig Hamilton, Carter Phipps
  Emerging Diseases: New Threats From an Old Nemesis; Kimbal Cooper, Laszlo Kerecsen, Tyler Kokjohn
  Future Conflict: The Strategic Environment & Weapons of the Future; Col. John Geis, II, Grant Hammond
  Future Jammings: Conversations from the Future; Wayne Pethrick, Derek Woodgate
  Growing into the Habit of Sustainability; Dominique Conseil, Brett Jenks, Misato Sakai, Robert Salmon
  Sprouting Seeds of Community Transformation; Dave Faulkner, Ken Oilschlager, Anthony Powell
  Technology Futures Analysis: The Road Ahead; Guenter Clar, Harold Linstone, Alan Porter
  Transition into Tomorrows Workplace; Eddie Blass, Jennifer Schramm, Heather Warren, Pauline Weight
  The Transmodern Road to Peace: Toward Expanding Zones of Non-Violence; Harlan Cleveland, Catherine Guisan, Mark Luyckx
  Unleashing Creativity in the University; Peter Bishop, Lynn Burton, Paul Tinari
  Using Patterns of Invention & Evolution to Accelerate Our Understanding of the Future; Jack Hipple, Gunter Ladewig, Darrell Mann, John Terninko
  World Town Meetings 2020: Creating Direct Democracy & Community Covenants; (Part I); Efiong Etuk, Ashok Gangadean, August Jaccaci, Eleanor LeCain, Richard Spady
  Sunday Keynote Luncheon-Dragons & Tigers; Marvin Cetron
  Aligning Organizational Capacity to Public Value: A Practical Business Application; Peter Copple, Keith Taylor
  Associations & the Future; James Dalton, Jennifer Jarratt, John Mahaffie
  Developmentalism: What are the Key Factors in Conscious Evolution?; Don Beck, Jennifer Berger, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Richard Freis, Mike Jay, Russ Volckmann
  The Future of Communities; Kenneth Hunter, Kent Lim, Rick Smyre
  The Future Impacts of Technology on Sex, Politics & Religion; Amy Oberg, Ian Pearson
  The Future Problem Solvers Program; Jeanne Carlson, Laurel Petersen
  The Future of Transmodern Spirituality; Cassidy Dale, Jay Gary, Todd Johnson, Moshe Dror
  Futures Research Around the World (Part I); Ismail Al-Shatti, Jose Cordeiro, Cornelia Daheim, Philippe Destatte, Nadezhda Gaponenko, Miguel Gutierrez
  Has a Trigger Been Found for Disease of Aging?; Douglas Mulhall
  How to Transform a School System: The Future in the Present Tense; Francis Duffy, John Horne, III, G.Thomas Houlihan
  Improving Future Technology for Energy Policy Models; Jeff Kallmeyer, John Laitner, Ernst Worrell
  The Material Culture of Happiness; Francesco Morace, Tiziana Traldi
  Strategies for More Effective Law Enforcement in the Future; Alan Beckley, Tyree Blocker, James Conser, Andreas Olligschlaeger
  2020 Vision: Building a Global Private Space Industry; Jeff Krukin, Limor Schafman, Guillermo Sohnlein
  Will Religion be the Death of Us?: Combating Religious Extremism; David Brown, Glen Hiemstra, Clark Lobenstine, Mark Pelavin
  World Town Meeting 2020: Creating Direct Democracy & Community Covenants (Part II); Efiong Etuk, Ashok Gangadean, August Jaccaci, Eleanor LeCain, Richard Spady
  Boomers & the Future: Moving Toward the Community of the Future; Edward Olson
  The Coming Conflict Between Science & Spirit; William Halal
  Cyber Insecurity; Bill Neugent
  Dawn of the Digital Twins; Jan Amkreutz
  The Fourth Wave: The Transhuman Revolution; Jose Cordeiro
  Global Inc.: Multinational Corporations as Threat & Opportunity; Medard Gabel
  Radical Middle: The Future of American Politics?; Mark Satin
  Technology: Expanding Our Capabilities to Make Sense of the Future; John Petersen
  Winning with Strategic Innovation & Growth; Daniel Knight
  Futures Research Around the World (Part II); Arnoldo Jose de Hoyos Guevara, Juha Kaskinen, Anandhavali Mahadevan, Pavel Novacek, Concepcion Olavarrieta, Rusong Wang
  The Best of Clear Lake; Peter Bishop, Wendy Schultz
  Design Choices for Twenty-First Century Health Care; Clement Bezold, William Rowley
  The Enhancement of Futures Education through Cognitive Psychology & Science Fiction; Thomas Lombardo,Jonathon Richter
  Reverse Engineering, Simulating the Human Brain & Radical Life Extension; Ray Kurzweil
  Conversation with Joe; Joseph Coates
  The Conversational Computer Interface; William Crossman, William Halal
  Human Capital & the Future; Annette Hartenstein, Kenneth Hunter, Myra Howze Shiplett, David Waugh
  If Armageddon is Our Fear, What is Our Solution?; Ichak Adizes
  In An Era of Uncertainty: Foresight at Federal Agencies; Nancy Donovan, Donna Heivilin, Capt. Daniel McClellan, Thomas Skirbunt, Ed Sondik
  The Future of Health Care; Pamela Harvey, Jonathan Javitt, Mitchell Max, Herbert Rubenstein
  Future of Organized Labor: Here & Abroad; William Pearson, Sharon Pinnock, Arthur Shostak, Wendell Young
  Futures Methods that Move Nonprofits to Change; Natalie Ambrose, Virginia Nuessle, Marsha Rhea
  Global Overview of the Prospects for Humanity; Jerome Glenn, Theodore Gordon
  Implementing & Incorporating Games & Simulations into Educational Contexts; Tom Abeles, Clark Aldrich, Drew Davidson, Marc Prensky
  Lets Make Schools 3-D Learning Buildings; Kathleen Compton, Charles Parsons, Lawrence Peterson
  The Many Faces of Terrorism; Robert Clark, Colin Cramphorn, Carl Jensen, Gene Stephens
  Nibbling at the Tree of Life: Some Possible Consequences; Christopher Cowan, Edward Edwards, Natasha Todorovic
  Open Sesame!: The Emerging Paradigm of Knowledge-Based Enterprise; Gregg Edwards, David Pearce Snyder
  Profiting from Tomorrow; David Amdal, Michael Jackson
  Technology Literacy in Education: Managing Knowledge in the Future; Piet Kommers, Paul Prueitt, Frank Sowa
  Understanding Evolutionary Development: A Challenge for Futurists; John Smart
  Conscious Computing & Human-Machine Convergence; Ian Pearson
  The Convergence of NBIC & Its Societal Implications; Sonia Miller
  The Earths Water & New Models for Global Development; Paul Tinari
  From Human to Ultra-Human: The Quest for Physical Perfection in the Twenty-First Century; Michael Zey
  The Future Role of Business in Conflict Zones; John McDonald
  Integral Environmental Scanning: Going Broader & Deeper for Insights with Strategic Impact; Andy Hines
  New Futures for Education: Beyond the Information Age; Wendy Schultz
  Sex & Sexuality in the Twenty-First Century; Joseph Coates
  Strategic Thinking in a Complex World; T. Irene Sanders
  Surviving Hell: Leadership Lessons for a Tough Future; Thomas Esensten
  Thinking About the Future: Observations From the Field; Bruce Tonn
  Time Use Now & In the Future: The Mass Customization of Life; Geoffrey Godbey
  A Twenty-First Century Movement Towards Complex Systems Thinking; Linda Groff
  Monday Keynote Luncheon: The Power of What If: Thinking Techniques that Reveal the Future & Spur Innovations; Edie Weiner
  New Methods for Long-Term Policy Analysis & Robust Decision Making; Steven Bankes
  The End of the Oil Age: How Soon, How Real, How Critical?; Glen Hiemstra, Alastair Livesey, Robert Olson, Janet Sawin, Alla Weinstein
  The Future of National & International Security; John Petersen, Tyrone Powers
  The Limits to Globalization; Kenneth Hunter, Dennis Pirages, Delos Smith
  Unlearning & Uplearning: Preparing for an Interdependent World; Manish Jain, Fred Mednick, Rick Smyre, Robert Stott
  Creating a New Future for Healthy Sports & Games; Robin Gunston, Kenneth Harris
  Cutting-Edge Issues in Evolution: Pointers for the Future; Jan Amkreutz, Linda Groff
  Future-Focused Leadership & Communication; Gary Marx
  How to Tap into & Find More of the Abundance & Opportunities of the Third Quarter of Life; Richard Haid
  What is Freedom? & Does it Have a Future?; Jim Alexander, Gene Stephens
  Closing Plenary: Driving Toward a Future of Proactive Computing; David Tennenhouse The Brave New World of Health Care; Richard Lamm
  Professional Member's Forum The Future: New Techniques

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