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:: What is Comic Art of the Future?

Comic Art is a special addition to the site and something quite apart from the more serious articles, tutorials, and essys: Comics, fiction, and the purely speculative accompanied by the unique images and art of Jesus Riddle Morales. Ever get tired of the dull academic treatment of science? Want some adventure? The methods for stimutating creative thought are endless. We thought we would bring Jesus the Underground Comic to help do the job. It's not for everyone, but the comic genre has been inspiring the imagination for several decades now and appeals to a large number of people. Let us know what you think.

About the Artist, Jesus Riddle Morales

Jesus (hay zoos') Riddle Morales is an underground comic illustrator, Internet author, evolutionary activist, and graffiti artist. He has joined our staff to bring the continuing sagas of all his imagination can muster. You wanted imagination, speculation, and the very unlikely? Look no more. Welcome to the Future According to Jesus Riddle Morales!

Sample Images

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strange lands

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