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Four blogs have been created with sample contents:

  • Blog A: You are currently looking at it. It contains a few sample posts, using simple features of b2evolution.
  • Blog B: You can access it from a link at the top of the page. It contains information about more advanced features.
  • Linkblog: By default, the linkblog is included as a "Blogroll" in the sidebar of both Blog A & Blog B.
  • Photoblog: This blog is an example of how you can use b2evolution to showcase photos, with one photo per page as well as a thumbnail index.

You can add new blogs, delete unwanted blogs and customize existing blogs (title, sidebar, blog skin, widgets, etc.) from the Blog Settings tab in the admin interface.

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This is a multipage post admin http://www.humansfuture.org/blog/index.php/2009/08/27/this-is-a-multipage-post 2009-08-27T22:34:46Z 2009-08-27T22:36:17Z This is page 1 of a multipage post.

You can see the other pages by clicking on the links below the text.

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This post has an image attached to it. The image is automatically resized to fit the current blog skin. You can zoom in by clicking on the thumbnail.

Check out the photoblog (accessible through the links at the top) to see a completely different skin focused more on the photos than on the blog text.